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Who is Agent X

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This easy to read book establishes and reviews the logic for the already accepted scientific & philosophical facts that “Only things that have begun to exist need a cause and anything that existed forever needs no cause” & “The Universe began to exist and needs a cause” and extend them to their logical and rational conclusions.Not accepting the need for a cause is proven to be illogical, unscientific and to require blind faith. The book evaluates why the first cause cannot be a mechanistic agent and then goes on to derive six other necessary characteristics of the first cause from what science knows about the Big Bang; the fine tuning of the universe; the fact that the first cause is not in time and space and the very interesting characteristics of planet Earth. Finally, it concludes by answering the age old question: “Where did God come from?”A large appendix of the best objections from atheists is included along with the author’s logical and rational responses. If you are an atheist, chances are that your objection is already dealt with here in great depth.
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