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Jesus Is Involved In Politics

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This book explains why voting is necessary but not enough! It shows why, if you don't think Churches should be involved in politics, you are essentially saying that Slavery and Child Prostitution should still be legal. Why? Because those and 1000s of other practices were only stopped by Christians who did more than vote. They got involved in politics and changed the laws of their and other nations. For example, Slavery would still be legal if Pastor John Newton had not gotten his church involved in politics. There are 1000s of practices that were evil (e.g. Child abandonment, temple prostitution etc.) and were only stopped because of Christians who believe in the Bible and imposed their morality and beliefs on the rest of the world. Get a fuller list in the book.

Find out how to prove Jesus was literally involved with and interacted regularly with His Nation's politicians, condemning them and preaching to them. Prove why there is no separation of Church and State in the Constitution and why if there was, nobody would have any rights and slavery would still be legal.

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