Ken Harrison, CEO of WaterStone and volunteer chairman of Promise Keepers, is joined by Kevin McGary on the latest episode of “On the Edge with Ken Harrison.” Together they discuss fatherlessness, the war on women, and Black Lives Matter. The podcast, available in both audio and video form, can be found on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube. Podcast listeners can also receive a challenging weekly devotional that will inspire them to put their faith into action. Kevin McGary is an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. McGary serves as Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California and is an executive with the Douglass Leadership Institute and the Northstar Leadership Pac. Additionally, McGary serves as the President of Every Black Life Matters. As a professional, he has worked in the field of information technology for over thirty-five years. McGary is passionate about leading proactive individuals committed to developing innovative and new approaches to current social and political issues. With the assistance of elected officials and a myriad of community activists, he frequently hosts lectures and provides workshops about today’s most pressing issues.

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