FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Introducing a Groundbreaking Masterpiece: "DEI In 3D"

Written by Co-Founder, Kevin McGary

By Kevin McGary

“DEI In 3D” represents a critical resource for individuals and organizations committed to embracing diversity and inclusion. By promoting a profound understanding of history and the need to embrace collaboration, this book can spark a profound shift in societal consciousness and create a lasting impact in the pursuit of REAL equality and REAL justice.


Introducing a Groundbreaking Masterpiece: “DEI In 3D”

Today marks a significant milestone in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as we proudly announce the release of Kevin McGary’s groundbreaking new book, “DEI In 3D.” This exceptional work promises to reshape how we approach DEI and inspire transformative change in our communities, workplaces, and beyond.

In a world where inclusivity and equality have become vital aspirations, “DEI In 3D” emerges as a beacon of hope and a comprehensive guide for individuals, organizations, and leaders seeking principled approaches to a more inclusive society. The book transcends mere theory and political/ideological positions to help confirm tangible solutions to create equitable environments and celebrate the beauty of diversity.

Throughout its pages, readers will embark on a transformative journey, gaining insights into the complexities of DEI and discovering actionable steps to bring about real, principled, and lasting change. DEI In 3D empowers readers to embrace and nurture environments where EVERY individual feels valued, respected, and heard.

McGary brings a wealth of expertise and passion to this remarkable work. As a highly regarded thought leader in complex socio/cultural constructs, McGary confirms why he is heralded as a catalyst of change. With an engaging writing style and a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities of our time, he has crafted a book that resonates with readers from all walks of life, empowering them to become agents of positive transformation.

Key features of “DEI in 3D” include:

  • A comprehensive exploration of DEI history/historicity.
  • Confirmation of DEI “designs” and principles
  • Confirmation of DEI “demands,” including anecdotes that illustrate the impact of DEI efforts in various settings
  • Confirmation of DEI “dilemmas,” including challenges and strategies to create inclusive spaces that permanently effect systemic change based on “tried and true” principles, not ideological narcissism 
  • Guidance for organizations and leaders to develop robust initiatives to cultivate inclusive leadership.

“DEI In 3D” represents a critical resource for individuals and organizations committed to embracing diversity and inclusion. By promoting a profound understanding of history and the need to embrace collaboration, this book can spark a profound shift in societal consciousness and create a lasting impact in the pursuit of REAL equality and REAL justice.

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Kevin McGary is a renowned advocate for diversity and inclusion, with a profound commitment to advancing truth and justice. With Kevin’s extensive experience as a Master Class trainer in the realm of racial unity, he has empowered countless individuals and organizations to cult effect transformative change. As a sought-after speaker, consultant, and thought leader, Mr. McGary continues to shape the DEI landscape and inspire others to break down barriers together.

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DEI and Biblical Alternatives

written by Mark Griffin

Diversity, equity and inclusion, or DEI, has become a very popular topic in the last few years. Recently, I had the pleasure of spending time with Kevin McGary, a leading thought expert on diversity, equity and inclusion. Kevin has been pivotal in our quest to develop a Biblically based DEI program that celebrates human connectedness and offers recipients hope and unity by aligning all people’s strengths, and reinforces that no one person’s pain is greater than another’s. I also consider Kevin a good friend.

I was blessed to meet Kevin through the Pinnacle Forum group. Pinnacle Forum was created to help connect C-Suite-level executives into groups that allows them to support each executive in their sphere of influence as it relates to their walk with the Lord. Kevin is the chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California and brings to us an enlightened viewpoint on what is happening, societally, within the United States. Much of this I have witnessed through my HR experiences the past 30 years, as we have seen the deterioration of the family, and, in return, the deterioration of the workplace in general.

While many Caucasian and Black leaders shy away from discussing uncomfortable, difficult issues, Kevin and I want to share some of our collective experiences as, respectively, a Black man and a Caucasian man living in America to generate greater understanding of these difficult topics from our distinct perspectives.

While Kevin and I do not share the same skin color, we do share the same frustrations with the current happenings in our society. We certainly don’t want to politicize the situation, but we are finding it increasingly difficult to bring our country together. From my perspective, I wonder how Black Americans do not see the destruction that the Democratic party has created in their community, specifically in regard to NAFTA and its promotion by the Clinton administration. Taking tens of thousands of jobs out of the cities disproportionately affected the Black community and never made sense to me. I recall, in grad school, being told that we were “evolving to a more tech-centric economy.” Well, as we know, most of those tech-centric jobs ended up in third world countries, where wages are nowhere near as much as they would be in the US.

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DEI and Biblical Alternatives

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