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Demonstrators march during a protest in memory of Breonna Taylor, Saturday, July 11, 2020, in Los Angeles. Taylor was killed in her apartment by members of the Louisville, Ky. Metro Police Department on March 13. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

*I am an immigrant who came from Korea. I serve many Korean families in Orange County through Children’s Ministries. Many Asians came here for a better life in America. Many risked their lives to escape a Communistic Regime. Communism uses propaganda to control people’s thinking. They control the media outlets and distort truth. They are mass manipulators for the sake of governmental oppression. They turn kids against their parents. I have lived in America for two decades and I can tell you, we are tip toeing on the edge of socialistic communism. This breaks my heart for America. The unions are behind these beliefs and yet teachers are too busy to notice. Teachers might think their union protects them, but when oppression ripens, no one is immune from its captivity. – Jinah Yi, Orange Unified School District parent, California.

Brenda Lebsack has been a teacher in Orange County, California for over twenty-five years, and most recently a board member in the Orange Unified School District (OUSD). Lebsack has been increasingly concerned about the progressive political creep into California education and as a member of the union has been very forward in voicing her opinion that the current political agenda in California schools is robbing students of a quality education. Recently Lebsack sounded the alarm in her school district after discovering and reviewing the proposed new Black Lives Matter (BLM) curriculum that is being floated as a part of the new school year. Says Lebsack in an exclusive statement to Redstate:

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